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The Things that Go Bump in the Night need love too

The final book in the Chimera Chronicles, Out Like a Dragon, release April 21st! And I’ve got Advanced Reader copies today!

The Chimera Chronicles:

Seven shifter brothers separated in childhood must find their fated mates and each other before they go feral or their enemies find them.

Out Like a Dragon

Is the assassin she’s hunting her fated mate?

Mika Satoru doesn’t need anyone. She’s always been glad she’s not a shifter, a mate would only slow her down. She’s a Satori, a supernatural being with telepathic abilities, and an Ethereal Council enforcer. She’s faster, stronger, smarter, and works harder than her colleagues. Being Deaf is just part of who she is.

For the past year or more, she’s been tracking a mysterious killer. The last thing she wants is to be taken off the case to search for a possibly feral chimera shifter.

Caleb is feral. His humanity has surrendered to his dragon side, but he’s a dragon on a leash. The Scorpius Corporation has a serum that keeps him human long enough to kill anyone who threatens their bottom line. Fortunately, until recently, that’s been weapons dealers with bloody hands themselves. Now Scorpius is gone, but his handler, Eris, still holds his leash. She has a job for him, assassinate a member of the Ethereal Council.

When Caleb meets Mika, the fight is on — literally, but circumstances soon force them together.

On the run from the Council Enforcers, Eris, and the police, Caleb and Mika must work to uncover the moles and find more serum before Eris carries out her mission. A talisman aids them in their task, but it has a mind of its own and they never know where they’ll end up. Worse, before the serum wears off completely, Caleb has the impulse control of a kindergartener and Mika shouldn’t find that adorable. Nor should every touch kindle the desire to kiss him. 

She doesn’t need a mate —but maybe she wants one.

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What’s involved? Just email me at Karin@shahs.com, message me on FB at KarinShahAuthor or click the Booksprout link here: https://booksprout.co/arc/61174/out-like-a-dragon-the-chimera-chronicles-7 I’ll send you the pdf, you just read it and review Out Like a Dragon on Amazon before, on, or near April 21st! (I’ll also add you to my automatic ARC reader for future releases.)

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