My November Rose. This picture was taken today November 6th!

I was delighted to see my roses survived last night’s frost, and it got me thinking about roses and writers.

Roses are like writers in many ways. The ones which thrive can triumph over adversity. Roses have frost. Writers have rejection.

Rejection can kill a writer just as quickly as frost can kill a rose.  But frost and rejection are inevitable, even the lucky few who get published with their first manuscript will eventually have to face rejection.  If not, there are always bad reviews and changing markets. Publishing is a tough business.

And the world is a tough place for a rose. How did mine survive? They’re in pots up against the base of my wooden deck, which provides several feet of added warmth and a windbreak.

Our chapter mates and colleagues are our warmth and windbreakers. They help to shelter us and keep us going when the publishing world gets cold.

However, there is one way writers are very different from roses. Roses need fertilizer to flourish.  In other words, roses need bullsh*t.  

Writers don’t. We need friends and chapter mates who will (kindly) tell us how they see it. That doesn’t mean we change our work to make everyone happy, (an impossible feat anyway) it just means making sure we aren’t walking around with rose-colored glasses.

So, I hope you all persevere through the inescapable frost, and when you see me, please, mind the thorns.*g*