Dr. Who. What a character! The Master? Maybe…

I love Dr. Who. I watched the british television show for much of my childhood. Recently, we got Netflix and I saw they had the new episodes, many of which I’d missed in the process of putting young chldren to bed. I confess I indulged in an orgy of Dr. Who watching. Every chance I got I watched another episode.

Dr. Who is a fabulous character. He’s hundreds of years old, is the last of his race, the Time Lords, and has fought with all his Galifeen might to rescue Earth and the universe. He has suffered losses and lived life after life, being fortunate enough to be able to regenerate when he is killed. Each actor who played the Doctor brings something new to the role.

He’s the kind of character I love to watch. He’s struggled, but he has overcome.

 The Doctor has an arch nemesis called the Master. Also an interesting character, but in a one of the David Tenant story arcs the Master (for me) jumped the shark.

It was a really cool story line. Apparently, the whole reason the Master had fought the Doctor their whole lives was because the Master hears a drumbeat every second of every day, and this constant sound has driven him mad. He is convinced the beat is a military drum and he must take over whatever corner of the galaxy he happens to be in. The writers show us that some of the Time Lords who were trapped in a time bubble have gone bad and will do anything to get out.  It is they who have planted the drumbeat in the Master’s mind, having sent the pulse down through time to the first moment he heard it in childhood.

Here’s where the character of the Master gets derailed for me. In the course of taking over Earth. He turns every person on Earth into — himself. He then uses his army of Masters to wrest control of Earth.

I can suspend disbelief with the best of them. What I don’t believe is that the Master would ever take orders, even from himself. An army of Masters would be a disaster. Every single one of them would be plotting to take command. I can’t see a Master clone delivering the mail or doing anything the writers show him doing.

What about you? Have you seen the episode? What do you think?

Or is there another show or movie you’ve watched, or book you’ve read, where the established character the writer has developed does something totally out of character?

I’d love to know!




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