What Dreams May Come

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I’ve been having some crazy dreams lately. The whole, “I just realized I had a test today for a class I haven’t gone to all year.” Or I had one the other day that was about laundry of all things. No matter how much laundry I did there was more and more. (This might have been real life, I’m not sure*g*)

I love dreams and have had the ability to  manipulate them (for the most part) since I was a kid.

As a child, I had this idea that there were arms under my bed. Black arms, as if they were in long black opera gloves, and these gloved hands would yank me under the bed (to where I have no clue)if they could.

I used to literally get a running start and jump into bed, so I would get no where near the perceived danger zone.

I dreamed about the hands, as well, long horrible nightmares that woke me up crying. Until one day, I must have been nine or ten, I took control of my dreams and changed the hands to long rubber Mickey Mouse hands attached to a Christmas tree stand.

After that I didn’t have any more dreams about the hands and my fear went away.

Now, if only i could make the laundry disappear…

How about you? Tell me about your dreams. Can you control them? Is there something you hate to dream about? What is your favorite dream?

Sweet dreams:-)


4 thoughts on “What Dreams May Come

  1. Ooh, that is frustrating! In my current YA wip I have a fyreworm, a gigantic winged snake the size of a dragon, but with no legs. It was inspired by a bizarre dream I had with a fiery train. Somehow the train gave me the idea for the fyreworm.

    I love getting ideas from dreams! 😉


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