Character Deja Vu

I don’t know about other writers, but my characters become my friends. I remember scenes  they’ve played a part in the way I remember incidents that happened in my own life.

I even think about how they would react to the events of my daily life, even though the books or manuscripts are published or complete.

I always think of Tia and Rork from STARJACKED when I read or see something about the underground railroad on TV. Tia, a life long space pirate grew up with slavery, but eventually comes to see that it’s wrong and fights to save children from the system. I would like to think I would be as brave, but it’s easy with the hindsight of history to know something is wrong — it seems obvious — but when everything around you has been a certain way your whole life, its much harder to see the injustice, let alone take a stand.

Rork, the hero, is a law man. An undercover agent for the Union of Planets. I always think of him when I see an undercover plot on TV. All too often when officers are deep undercover, it’s difficult for them not to identify with their targets, but Rork never ceases to have a clear vision of right and wrong.

Anything about witches reminds me of Thalia, my heroine from BLOOD AND KISSES. She’s a witch who never lets a little problem, like not being very powerful, hold her back. Though, I ache with her through her insecurities, she always steps up and handles what needs to be done.

I hold a special place in my heart for Thalia’s hero, Gideon. Mistakes he made as a human haunt him. He can’t shake the idea that he’s a monster, but he still allows a young witch to convince him to help her in her quest to stop a killer. Though, he’d like to, he can’t stop caring. I love that about him.

I’m in the process of writing and revising several other manuscripts and those characters wake me up at night, or tug on my heart when something reminds me of them. I want others to love them and hurt for them as I do.

What about you? Do things remind you of characters from books, movies, or TV? What characters hold a special place in your heart?



What I love about speculative fiction

I just finished watching the latest Christmas episode of Warehouse 13. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a quirky Syfy channel show with a bunch of cool characters, fun mysteries and a bit of steampunky(am I making up this word?) flare.

It’s basically a sci-fi/fantasy show and therefore as the title states: speculative fiction.

The episode reminded me of one the best things about speculative fiction.

Ok, I’ll admit there are many things I like about speculative fiction; the rich and compelling worlds, the fascinatingly flawed and damaged characters(who usually end up doing the right thing), opportunity for really high stakes(it’s not unusual for the stakes in spec fic to be on world or even universe ending level–Dr. Who anyone?)

But one of the most enjoyable parts of a story for me is when the characters first meet each other. I get giddy watching the pieces of a team come together, anticipating how these disparate characters will interact and handle where the story takes them.

However, at this point in the story, I usually don’t know the characters very well. I don’t know that Mika is estranged from her father or that Artie was betrayed by his old partner.

Here’s were the true beauty of speculative fiction comes in. In sci-fi and fantasy, it’s possible to create a situation where these characters we know and love have the opportunity to come together as a team for the first time — again.

The warehouse 13 episode I just watched was centered on an artifact from the writer of the short story on which the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is based.
Pete touches this brush and it’s like he’s never been born.

He doesn’t realize what has happened at first. All he knows is that an old enemy is now in charge of the warehouse and everyone else is gone.

He escapes and tracks the rest of the team down. They don’t even know who he is, but he manages to convince them to help him.

It’s so delicious to watch them fall into (old for us) patterns and know the reasons for how and why the characters react the way they do.

If you haven’t watched Warehouse 13, I hope you’ll give it a chance.

What about you? Do you love it when this happens or (gasp) hate it*g*?

Do you have a favorite show or book that has had episode or installment when something like this happened?

I’d love to hear about it!