Top Ten Reasons you know you’ve been watching too much of season one of Prison Break

10. You no longer trust the Secret Service (and it has nothing to do with prostitutes)

9. You consider whether it would be possible to tunnel out of the break room at work

8. When your kids misbehave you threaten to send them to the SHU

7. You start to view everyday items as possible “shanks”

6. You start calling people “boss”

5. You no longer want to eat Avacado

4. You see a school bus come around thcorner and think “fresh meat”

3. You start calling the new guy at work “fish”

2. A leaking toilet makes you think the kids are planning an escape

1. Instead you using GPS, you roll up your sleeve to check your tattoo


I hope you enjoy this list. I love Prison Break and highly recommend it, but I hated the ending of the season four finale so I would recommend skipping the scenes after they sign the papers.


Any other Prison Break fans out there?  I’d love to hear other reasons you know you’re watching too much Prison Break!

And you can feel free to defend the end if you must*g*