Let’s reminisce! Childhood movies that stuck with us.

Last night I found a movie on Netflix that I had watched as a child. It wasn’t what you would call a classic or particularly great, though it was fun, but it had stuck with me all these years, so I watched it again.

The movie is called Time Rider. It stars Fred Ward as a motocross rider who is accidentally transported into Mexico in 1877.

Some bandits see his bike (and its apparently endless gas tank ) and decide to steal it. He meets a woman while escaping from them and nature takes its course. She gets captured, and in order to rescue her, he has to team up with some US Marshals who have ignored jurisdiction to persue the bandits for personal reasons.

I enjoyed the movie, but it never really gets past the gimmick of his hi-tech toys and some ridiculous slang that  have been out of style before the movie was in the can.

There is a charming part where he reads to her that is very sweet, but by and large Time Rider should be forgettable. It’s been thirty years since I saw this movie and yet when I saw it on Netflix, I immediately remembered it. Why? What was it about this B movie which many imdb reviewers rate about a five that resonated so deeply in me? Maybe it’s the sci-fi elements, or the romance, I can’t say, but the fact remains it’s stuck with me like glue.

How about you? What movies from years ago have stuck in your mind? I’d love to hear. And if nothing else, they could be something to watch on Netflix.