Attending RWA National Conference? Live near Anaheim, CA? Come say, Hi!

I will be signing my vampire Romance BLOOD AND KISSES at the RWA National Conference Literacy signing on Wednesday July 25 at the Anaheim convention center. It’s a great cause — part of the proceeds go to promote literacy — and lots of big name authors will be there! Besides moi*g* , there will be Christina Dodd, Alyssa Day, Lyndsay Sands, Jayne Ann Krentz, Rebecca York, Robin Owens, Nalini Singh, Alexandra Ivy and so many more, it would take forever to list them.

And for those who like my SFR, but aren’t into vampires and witches, please stop by and say hi, anyway. I would love to meet you!


Too Much Television!

I get great pleasure from television (though I watch things either DVRed or on my computer for the most part.)

I’m an addict really, so I started wondering a while ago, what is it about a show that makes it really click for me?

Some of my favorite shows are: Supernatural– two brothers fight monsters as they cross the country in their 1967 Chevy Impala, Psych– A man and his best friend pretend to be a Psychic detective agency and solve crimes, Burn Notice– A burned spy and his friends help people while probing the mystery of his “burning.”

I have a lot of other favorites, but as I wrote out these top three, I realized, what I really like is the tight bond all of the characters show with each other–how they work together.

They’re light shows. They have emotional moments, but for the most part, episodes end well with the danger at least temporarily dealt with.

There is humor and adventure in all of them.

And there is a set of moral lines that the characters color inside, even though some of the time, they find themselves on the other side of the law.

But the main reason I watch is for the characters themselves. A character I can get behind gets me every time.

How about you? What shows do you like and what draws you to them?