So I woke up last Wednesday with the world spinning (and nor for a fun reason). Seems that several days earlier while enjoying the wave pool and the water coaster at Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati I got water in my ear and now have an ear infection (actually the dr says its not infected, I just have fluid behind my ear, but it’s easier just to say I have an infection)
AnyHoo, I can’t say enough how much I would rather have almost anything else than the world spinning. It boggles my mind that as a child I loved the spinning rides best. I once rode this ride at Seabreeze three times in a row where it spins so fast it smashes you against the wall of the ride as the bottom drops away and it tilts and lifts, making you horizontal(Boy, it would be easier if I remembered the name of this ride. If anyone knows it, please feel free to share).
Now, however, I get motion sick on a kid’s swing. But the vertigo is the worst. It’s not even possible to stand when it hits, so forget reading or any of the other things I do when I’m sick.Thank God for motion sickness medicine!
I’m hoping the antibiotic I’m on will stop the pain in my ears, but if I never have the vertigo again it would be too soon. Anyone else experienced this? What do you think? Worse to have vertigo, migraine, stomach bug? Which is the worst? All aches and pains are welcome(though I certainly hope, you’re healthy right now*g*)!