Again, with the shiny things?

Things that interest me this week.
1. We lost our basenji Monday at one week shy of 15 😦
2. ABC’s Last Resort it’s so cool and unlike anything else on TV
3. Hurricane Sandy We’re on the very edge of the path. Will it or won’t it hit us?
4. Why are there Christmas things everywhere? We’re not even done with Halloween.
5. Can we get this @$&) election over with please!

More shiny things

Things I’m interested in this week
1. The Inspector Lynley mysteries. I found this on Netflix when I was looking for the Inspector General. It’s a modern-day series set in Britain with the eighth Earl of Ashton and working-class partner. I really like Nathaniel Parker in this.
2. the Inspector General. Danny Kaye is a gypsy and he is mistaken for the Inspector General. All the crooked officials in the town attempt to bribe him. It’s a typical Danny Kaye movie, with slapstick, songs, and his trademark silliness.
3. Halloween, my children need costumes!!
4. Anxiously awaiting the cover for my new book THE CHIMERA CHRONICLES 1: IN LIKE A LION available in December!

Shiny Things

A brief list of things that are fascinating me this week.

1. Grimm
2. Shield’s Lady by Jayne Ann Krentz which I just re-read for the gazillionth time
3. Trying Sherlock’s mental palace. Though, I think mine will be more like a path.
4. Whether I can lose weight by eating MORE wheat (I’ll let you know)