Shiny Things

A brief list of things that are fascinating me this week.

1. Grimm
2. Shield’s Lady by Jayne Ann Krentz which I just re-read for the gazillionth time
3. Trying Sherlock’s mental palace. Though, I think mine will be more like a path.
4. Whether I can lose weight by eating MORE wheat (I’ll let you know)


Published by karinshah

I'm a writer who loves to write and read Sci-Fi Romance/Futuristics, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. I am the author of STARJACKED, HALFLING, BLOOD AND KISSES, and THE CHIMERA CHRONICLES series.

2 thoughts on “Shiny Things

    1. I like the BBC version, but the first episode of season 2 was a bit meandery for me. I like episodes with a clear mystery. The end was good though. I saw Elementary. I’ll probably try it out, but so far that Sherlock is not quite as endearing. Sherlock by his nature is annoying. The character in general is a brilliant, insensitive, usually drug addicted, narcissistic, know-it-all, so he needs something to humanize him and I’m not sure Elementary will come through, but I’ll give it a chance. Some shows have to grow on you as you come to know the characters.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Juli!

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