IN LIKE A LION release date December 19, 2012

Got my confirmed release date for IN LIKE A LION, the first in my Chimera Chronicles Paranormal Romance series!
The date is — Drumroll please —
December 19, 2012! That’s right, take Jake home for Christmas! He’s never had a home, so I’m sure he’ll be very grateful!:-)

Shiny Things week of November 12

1. Nuclear family webisodes on Corin Nemec (Stargate SG-1)stars as a veteran surviving with his family after what they think is a nuclear attack.
2. Looking for movies with Michael Shanks on Amazon, I came across this in the sponsored links: “Dr. Daniel Jackson View credentials, malpractice, bio, rating, reviews and background now! / MD. As if he were a real doctor. Hilarious! Even if he weren’t a fictional character, he would be a PhD.
3. And most importantly, it’s Diwali! My husband is from Mumbai and this week our family celebrates the Hindu Festival of lights. This festival is for friends, family and feasting. It is also the Gujarti New Year. Sal Mubarak!

What’s exciting, worrying, interesting you this week?


You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

I hear all kinds of snark on the blogosphere about romances and the “trope” of the heroine who is beautiful, but doesn’t think she is. Or the perfectly chiseled hero who is too gorgeous to be believed. Why, various writers and bloggers have asked do we need “violet/emerald/sliver(your fabulous color here)-eyed perfection? Where, they wonder, are the imperfect heroes and heroines?

I have two ideas about this. 1. Readers want to be the heroine and they want to sleep with the hero, so who would choose to be plain? Or prefer a less then sexy hero. Many of us have that in “real” life. Genre fiction is not about reality. It is about fantasy. And there’s nothing wrong with that.Further, the heroine needs to be sympathetic and conceit is rarely(read never) cited as a rooting interest.
2. If we’re writing in deep pov, we are seeing the heroine and the heroine through the eyes of a character whom the author is pairing with the other. How believable is it that a man looks at a woman, marvels at her fat thighs and bad complexion and decides to sweep her off her feet? The hero *must* percieve the heroine as madly attractive/sexy/beautiful/(your superlative here), otherwise the relationship is not believable. We want the reader to suspend disbelief, not have to throw it down the garbage disposal.

What do you think? How do you prefer your heroine and heroes? I like mine gorgeous and sexy (but unknowing*g*)and I wouldn’t have it any other way.:-)


Shiny Things November 5th

1. They say it might take 10 days to count Ohio’s provisional ballots and since it’s claimed Ohio is needed to win the presidency (whine) I don’t want to wait that long for the results!(pout) I want this thing over!
2. Mythbusters
3. Worrying about friends in NJ. No food, no money, no gas and oh, yes, at night there’s looters. Praying for those still in danger due to Sandy.
4. Arrow. Oliver Queen got arrested last week. What is going to happen?
5. One woman acapella Disney Very Cool!

Shiny Things this week

1. Re-watching the Whiffenpoofs acapella group singing Violet Skies on the Sing-off (YouTube) God, I miss the Sing-off. Also cool, Pentatonix doing Gangnam Style (or anything really)
2. Black Adder on Netflix, totally addictive and ridiculously funny. Rowan Atkinson without Mr. Bean’s speechlessness (is that a word?)
3. Honey crisp apples — I maintain the mackintosh as my favorite eating apple, but macs are hard to come by this year and the honey crisp has merits of it’s own and it’s awesome in salads.
4.Blue Cheese– for years I thought I didn’t like it. Turns out, I’d just never had it *g*
5. This YouTube video of Daisy the Basenji