Meet Jake — Character Interview

Today Jake from IN LIKE A LION is interviewed at

I hope you enjoy! Also, Soul Mate is having a promotion and IN LIKE A LION is currently priced at $3.99!

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Shiny Things today

Find out what probing questions I was asked by Bookswagger at

Looking for a YA Editor to be a final judge for my RWA Chapters contest. I keep calling, but I’ve only left two messages. I’m hoping my persistence is impressive not annoying.

And in Chimera 2 (still thinking of titles– suggestions to do with ghosts most welcome) lions frolic in New York City’s Central Park.

Also, my cover is in the finals at please stop by and vote! You have to subscribe, but it’s free and it’s a great site!

What’s in a Title?

I am about halfway through Chimera 2 and I had been using the title IN SPIRIT. I think it’s ok, but I’d like something great.

I would love to hear any ideas people have. The theme is ghosts, so spirits, hauntings, etc. are all appropriate. I am spending way too much time considering this and not enough time writing, your ideas would be very welcome!



Thanks to anybody who got BLOOD AND KISSES for free today! It was #number 8 in the free kindle paranormal romance   Category! Act fast! It’s $2.99 tomorrow!

And if you liked it, check out the first of the spin-off series, IN LIKE A LION (the Chimera Chronicles 1)