Hello Atlanta!

In a few short days, I will (hopefully) have wrapped up my chapter’s contest, finished packing my son for Taekwondo camp, made sure my daughter has what she needs for her big dance performance months in the making, and be winging my way (metaphorically as I must use a plane, unlike my characters*g*) to Atlanta for the Romance Writers of America’s yearly national convention.
The highlight of my time there (well, one of them) will be the Literacy Signing. My books are now all in print, but compared to the ebook copies, they are pretty expensive, and I am not well known, so I will have to keep my expectations of lines stretching around corners for sometime in the future. For now, I will hope I can meet scads of fellow lovers of the paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy. And that friends (both virtual and physical) will stop by and say hello.

So here’s me, formally inviting you to meet me in Atlanta!

(I will try to remember the chocolate this year)

See you soon!



Published by karinshah

I'm a writer who loves to write and read Sci-Fi Romance/Futuristics, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. I am the author of STARJACKED, HALFLING, BLOOD AND KISSES, and THE CHIMERA CHRONICLES series.

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