Although I almost didn’t have a hotel room Tuesday night, I ended up having a blast at the conference. Luckily, Tuesday morning I called my my close friend, roomie, and Soul Mate editor extraordinaire, Debby Gilbert, and we realized I’d gotten my wires crossed (are you surprised?) and didn’t have a room in the conference hotel that night only hours before I was due to leave for the airport. I managed to secure one, but I could have done without the adrenaline rush.
I arrived at the hotel (much thanks to the fabulous Donna MacMeans for posting intricate directions on the COFW loop for those of us taking the MARTA from the airport) Wednesday was the literacy signing.
I as expected, I didn’t sell out, but I had a blast talking to everyone. Mostly thanks to Ranger, whose pic I had up on my IPad as an icebreaker.20130722-162933.jpg
I was up against the windows at the end of the aisle, so I didn’t get that much traffic, but Maggie Shayne was across from me and when her line got long, I’d say, “Hey, if you like Maggie Shayne’s books you might like mine.:-)
She was a good sport and when things got a little slow and she got hungry, I chucked some Hershey’s nuggets across the aisle like it was Mardi Gras. She’s a good catcher.:-)
There is more to share from RWA, but that will have to come in a later installment.

Did you have any adventures this weekend? Who did you meet? Where did you eat? Did you throw candy at anyone?