We interrupt my adventures at RWA to tackle a task that has been occupying my mind for some time. My tagline. These days anything more than a two line signature is annoying, so I have been going with my website address and a tagline. But my old tagline, Worlds to Dream In is a bit vague and not as evocative as I would like, so I have been using, Love in The Time of Chimeras, because I love to take movie titles and spin them. Unfortunately, I think this tagline gives the impression that my books are Historicals, which at this time, they are not. Therefore, I’m digging deep into the reading/writing ether and soliciting suggestions from all my clever internet amigos.
Here’s what my tagline needs to do. It has to be evocative, hint at what I write (shifters, vampires, spaceship captains, but not necessarily all of those) and intrigue readers enough to prompt them to look me up. That’s not much to ask is it?

Any and all suggestions considered. (But please, you, keep it clean. You know who you are.*g*)