And now the Bank

Below is a rough blueprint (or pink print. All I could find last night at midnight was my daughter’s construction paper) It shows what I imagine is the main part of the bank visible to customers. in my mind there is a back area with a boardroom for meetings, a closet for janitorial supplies and a basement with utilities. This was intended for my use only, so  the handwriting is terrible and it’s not to scale. 🙂

Places in Chimera 3 help me name a fictional coffee shop!

As I write, I look for real places to set my scenes. When I needed a Coffee Shop in Leavenworth, KS I found the one pictured below. It’s the Harbor Lights Coffee Shop on Santee Street.
Of course, I usually change the name of the places I use, so this one needs a new name. Any ideas?

Guess who just sent in her contract?

Of course, you’re right! It’s me.

I just returned my signed contract to Soul Mate Publishing for ENTITY MINE book 2 in the Chimera Chronicles series.

I’m really excited as this book had been delayed by a sad case of “Where do I go fro here?” when I changed my mind about my plans for the end. But I’m really happy with how it turned out! I got lions playing in Central Park and involved the Mara brothers, heroine Devon and Jake’s mate Anjali in a heist!

I even had a character say, “…this exorcism isn’t going to perform itself.”

To say I had a blast is an understatement. Here’s the blurb: (Warning this is a draft blurb. It needs work)

Former Navy SEAL turned maritime treasure hunter Ethan Wade has had a piss-poor year. After nearly choking out his financial backer costs him his livelihood, he retreats to an isolated rental house in Western, NY to lick his wounds and make sure he can’t hurt anyone else. When his old crew track him down to convince him to come back, a Molotov cocktail of rage and alcohol drives him drives him to do something he’s never done before, and doesn’t even know he can do–
Unfortunately, in his ignorance, rather than shift into a lion or a dragon, he ends up disembodied. Not knowing what he is, he can only come to one conclusion. He’s died and is a ghost.
Lawyer Devon Daughtry’s year hasn’t been one for the record books either. Blowing the whistle lost her her boyfriend, (not too much of a loss), her job, (a bit worse) and with the rents in Manhattan, a primo apartment (the straw that broke the camel’s back).
Now she’s home in Cassadaga determined to re-build her life by hanging out her shingle as a psychic medium.
When she discovers a photograph of Ethan while moving in, she’s immediately drawn to him and is crushed to discover he’s missing and presumed dead. Soon, she begins having passionate dreams about him. Dreams that Ethan shares.
But Ethan isn’t the only being in the house, a demonic presence has followed her home and it has diabolical plans for both of them.

ENTITY MINE Coming early 2014!