Shiny things Oct. 17th

Lali  vizsla
Lali vizsla

Usually, I write on the treadmill, but I’m having some asthma problems today, so Lali is keeping my lap warm as I write.

Since, I ‘m not feeling well, I’ve been enjoying the new fall season, especially on the CW, Supernatural, Arrow, and the new Tomorrow People (anybody remember the two others? I adored the original as a kid) are keeping me distracted.

ENTITY MINE (THE CHIMERA CHRONICLES #2) is due out in FEB/MAR 2014 It’s the story of Ethan the second youngest Chimera brother. Not knowing he is a shapeshifter, he becomes disembodied and believes he’s a ghost. More on the release later.

I’m hard at work on Chimera 3 tentatively titledTHE LION’S SHARE Connor, the third youngest (or is he?) is the hero. He and his twin Tyler get caught up in a Bank Robbery. I’m having an awesome time virtually visiting Leavenworth, KS where the book is set and choosing real locations to rename and re-imagine for the events.

Halloween is coming. I’ve picked out my costume, I’m a Greek lady. How about you? Planning to dress up? Got a costume party to attend? I’d love to hear!


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