What are you reading for Halloween?

I read a wonderful and emotional book called GHOSTWRITER by Lissa Bryan.

It follows Sara, a lonely young woman who is given the opportunity to live on an isolated island off the Carolina coast. Of course, there’s a catch, the charming cottage might not come with a telephone or a television, but it comes with one extra–a ghost.
And he’s not just any ghost, his name is Seth and he is her favorite writer, a man who died in 1925 under mysterious circumstances. Though, she’s on the island to finish her own book, Sara is intrigued by the chance to learn more about Seth.
But Seth doesn’t want visitors.
What follows is at turns frightening, sweet and exhilarating.
Both are wounded are wounded in their ways and it’s wonderful to see them heal each other.

I was drawn to this book because I have an interest in ghostly things. I consider myself an open minded skeptic and watch all the Ghost Adventure/hunting type shows. And my upcoming book ENTITY MINE has a similar storyline in the beginning.

The hero, Ethan is a shapeshifter who’s accidentally become caught between forms and is disembodied. He believes himself a ghost and, so does my heroine, Devon. I do love a ghost story, but it’s even better if they can LIVE happily ever after.:-)

ENTITY MINE come out Feb/Mar 2014. I’ll be posting the cover soon!

In the mean time. I hope you have a good ghost story to read!:-)

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