Who is the man in the photo?

Here’s another small unedited snippet from my FEB/MAR 2014 release ENTITY MINE.

Devon, the heroine, has just found Ethan’s photo and been told that he’s dead.

His eyes were light, green or blue, maybe hazel–she squelched the urge to ask. No need to make her oldest friend question her sanity–and thick lashes, half-lowered, made him look reserved. His hair was dark and short, military in its ruthless precision. His face had a lean, sculpted quality, as if he were the product of some artist’s imagination. His straight nose slashed toward his mouth and his cheekbones sheered diagonally across his face, carving his jaw into almost perfect triangles on either side. His lips were held tight, the only softness in his face the slight fullness of his bottom lip above the mere whisper of a cleft chin.
He reclined beside a huge, glass jar of coins on the concrete front stoop of the small ranch-style house — one long leg bent, the other straight, his large right hand tucked across his lean ribs, the left propped on the step beside him — making a black t-shirt and jeans look as sexy as nothing at all. Sexier.
Something gripped her heart as she gazed at the photo. She swallowed against the feeling.
Had she ever seen anyone who looked more alone?

Cover reveal coming soon!

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