Snippet 2: ENTITY MINE coming Feb/Mar 2014

As promised, another unedited snippet from CHIMERA 2 otherwise known as ENTITY MINE

Caught between forms, shape-shifter Ethan Wade believes he’s a ghost. Lawyer turned psychic medium, Devon Daughtry thinks she’s falling in love with one.
A demon has them both in the cross-hairs…


The ever-present anger exploded through Ethan as he swiped at the cobweb-draped box, his ears too full of buzzing to process the continuing conversation.
Those were his things, everything he had in the world. How many times had he stuffed those meager belongings into a suitcase and moved on? First to a new foster home, then to a new posting, a new dive site, a new opportunity. They were the only constant in his world. He didn’t want a stranger rifling through them.
His hand sliced though the air, but made no impact. His arm hadn’t so much as raised a breeze. The woman continued talking as if nothing had happened.
The reminder of his true state took him back. Some of his fury seeped away. What good were material things to him? Though he had some sensation of touch, could feel the floor beneath his feet, had the illusion he could touch his chest, his face. He couldn’t handle the objects, couldn’t use them.
His shoulders slumped and he noticed for the first time the photo she’d handed Beth.
The last photo anyone had ever taken of him.

Better late than never? Contest Winners

Where were we? Oh, yes, the contest winners. Before I was swallowed up by the holiday season, and my children’s birthdays, which are inconveniently on either side of Christmas and require parties with enormous amounts of children, I was running a contest. The prize was to have your name or that of a family member of your choice in my next Chimera Chronicles book, number 3, draft title, THE LIONS SHARE. The winner from author page likes was–Susan Berger. Susan, please instant message me on Facebook. Somehow, the comments here on my blog were closed, my apologies to those who attempted to comment and couldn’t. I will be running this contest again, and will make sure those comments are open. THE LION’S SHARE takes place during a bank robbery and I have lots of characters to name.:-) The winner from my regular facebook page was Jamie Fugate. Please message me, Jamie.

and coming tomorrow a new snippet from my draft of ENTITY MINE (CHIMERA CHRONICLES #2) due out in Feb/Mar 2014.

Draft blurb: Never fall in love with a man in a photo, especially when he’s dead…


Former Navy SEAL turned maritime treasure hunter Ethan Wade has had a piss-poor year. After nearly choking out his financial backer costs him his livelihood, he retreats to an isolated rental house in Western, NY to lick his wounds and make sure he can’t hurt anyone else. When his old crew track him down to convince him to come back, a Molotov cocktail of rage and alcohol drives him drives him to do something he’s never done before, and doesn’t even know he can do–
Unfortunately, in his ignorance, rather than shift into a lion or a dragon, he ends up disembodied. Not knowing what he is, he can only come to one conclusion. He’s died and is a ghost.
Lawyer Devon Daughtry’s year hasn’t been one for the record books either. Blowing the whistle lost her her boyfriend, (not too much of a loss), her job, (a bit worse) and with the rents in Manhattan, a primo apartment (the straw that broke the camel’s back).
Now she’s home in Cassadaga determined to re-build her life by hanging out her shingle as a psychic medium.
When she discovers a photograph of Ethan while moving in, she’s immediately drawn to him and is crushed to discover he’s missing and presumed dead. Soon, she begins having passionate dreams about him. Dreams that Ethan shares.
But Ethan isn’t the only being in the house, a demonic presence has followed her home and it has diabolical plans for both of them.



Shiny things 1/02/14

Things interesting me this week.
1. Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2014! I actually made a resolution this year (normally I don’t since I figure I’ll only break it anyway).
Not being one to deny myself, this year I’m focusing not on taking things away, but adding things. I’d like to lose weight, but concentrating on that has never worked for me, so I’ve decided to add more fruits and vegetables and that’s it. I walk while I write and I do TaeKwonDo, so I hope eating better is the missing part of the puzzle. Besides, I read a study that said 20,000 new cases of cancer could be prevented if people ate just two more servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Better safe than sorry.:-)
2. We don’t take the tree down until after the girl child’s birthday party, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ornaments before it goes down. Some I think are just pretty, others remind me of people I love.

Well, my internet speed is in the toilet today, so I just posted one.:-( It’s at the bottom.

3. I subscribed to this site as a reader and submitted as an author.  They send you emails with recommendations of books you might like. You choose the categories, even down to level of violence, sex and profanity, then they send you matches.

4. Ninja 2 Those who follow my twitter know all about my Martial Arts crush on Scott Adkins. I’ve been waiting for this release for a while and was delighted to see it on Netflix. It’s pure action. Centered on a revenge plot, there’s lots of pure fighting sans CGI. I loved it. It goes up there with  Assassination Games as my favorite of his. He fluidly switches between Japanese and a credible American accent (he’s British), all while fighting his way through bad guys galore.

What’s shiny in your life this week? Streaming anything new? Taking down the tree? New adventures on the horizon?

A new one from 2012. We all went to the store and picked one special one. It reminds me of something we did together.
A new one from 2012. We all went to the store and picked one special one. It reminds me of something we did together.