Breaking news!!!

Ranger is a bad dog!
Ranger is a bad dog!

This just in:
I have purchased a Christmas present! That’s right folks. I, who usually shop on Christmas Eve, have bought a present.
Also, Ranger is a bad dog as pictured.
My kitchen is messy, but I mopped the front rooms, and I roasted all my leftover squash and zucchini so it wouldn’t go to waste.
I’m on fire people!
I think I need a nap.
What are you all up to today? Hope it’s not up to your neck in snow!

10 signs you may be a Supernatural Addict

The boys
The boys

10 signs you’re addicted to Supernatural

1. Talpa, the production company that makes the Voice makes you think of a Tibetan spirit sigil and you immediately force yourself to stop thinking about it lest you bring it into existence.
2. You look at your carton of salt and wonder if you have enough
3. You say, “look there’s baby” when you see a classic black impala
4. When you hear the name Sam, you automatically add “and Dean”
5.. You consider whether you could draw a devil’s trap.
6. You know the current Supernatural season takes place a few years in the future
7. You know how many years that is.
8. When someone says Lawrence, you say “Kansas.”
9. When someone says Kansas, you start singing “Carry on my wayward sooooon.”
10. You would totally watch Ghost Facers.

Now, it’s your turn. Got some more signs you’re a Supernatural Addict? Let’s hear’em!