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Run/walk, Write/walk

I am a couch potato. Hell, I’m a bed potato. Given a choice my favorite thing to do is lie on my bed and read. The same goes for writing, though I usually sit. We writers even have an acronym for it, BICHOK (butt in chair hands on keyboard). It works great for producing words, but not so much for said butt!
Studies have shown that no matter how hard you exercise when you’re not sitting, you can’t undo the damage long hours of sitting can do. Humans are meant to move.
So, this last spring I got a treadmill desk.

I can’t afford that! you say? Neither can I. Those fancy desks are mucho dinero.
This is what I’ve done.

My treadmill in the basement . Regular.
My treadmill in the basement . Regular.
My Treadmill in the basement  "pimped" into a tread desk.
My Treadmill in the basement “pimped” into a tread desk.

My husband got me a wire shelf from Home Depot and Velcro ties. Fortunately, my treadmill has arms, so all I do is fasten it on, put my tablet and its Bluetooth keyboard on a cardboard box to make it higher, and start walking. I started slow and have built up to 2 mph, 2.5 if I’m up to it. Still, 1 mph would be fine. If you write for four hours at that speed, you will have walked four miles. It also makes it hard to stop and go do something (not impossible, but harder) so you stay more focused. Nothing makes you feel better at the end of the day, than having written ten pages and walked seven miles.

I built up to going that far. In the beginning I did shorter amounts, so I wouldn’t get footsore.

There are other alternatives, too if you don’t have a treadmill, balance balls, getting up with a timer every few minutes, and exercise bikes under the desk, as well!

Let’s birth a new acronym FOTHOK. Feet On Treadmill, Hands On Keyboard!

What are you doing to get moving?