Shiny Things 1/1/2015

I helped my daughter make this model of the Taj in 2014. Hours and hours of work
I helped my daughter make this model of the Taj in 2014. Hours and hours of work

Shiny Things January 1st 2015

Things interesting me this week:

The old year.
New Year’s is always a time for reflection. Shortly after the start of 2014, I got the shingles. I still have some neuropathy (pain in the nerves) from that, so I suggest everyone get the shingles shot. They’ll tell you it’s uncommon for under fifties to get shingles. They’ll tell you insurance won’t pay, but they’ll also tell you it’s not so bad for under fifties, and I can’t list the number of opiates they would have let me take that did zero for the shooting, stabbing pain in the nerves affected. Nor can I count the sleepless nights resulting. I would gladly pay for the expensive shot to get those six months of my life back.

Ok, end of public service announcement.

Good things last year, I got a book out despite my illness. Yay! This book was particularly close to my heart because I got to revisit characters from BLOOD AND KISSES and IN LIKE A LION and it was inspired by my addiction to all things ghostly (though, I’m a skeptic).
Shows like A Haunting and Ghost Adventures are ripe with stories that light the fires of my imagination. ENTITY MINE was inspired by an episode of A Haunting in which a woman kept dreaming about a photograph of a dead soldier who used to live in her house. When haunting activity began, she felt he protected her from a malevolent spirit also in the house.

My daughter graduated from sixth grade and started seventh. My son passed his OAA’s despite us sweating it and moved on to the fourth grade.

Both my children got their black belts in Taekwondo.

I attended the Central Ohio Fiction Writer’s retreat and RWA 2014 National Conference. I can’t say enough how other writers continue to support and nourish my career. Hugs to you all! Especially, Debby Gilbert, publisher and owner of Soul Mate publishing who is a good friend and a fabulous editor.

My husband started trail running in 2014, so I have some fond memories of cabins and lodges we stayed at, with and without dogs.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2015:

I have a book coming out soon! I’m in edits for a YA Fantasy (draft title HALFLING)

I’m also working on Bk 3 of THE CHIMERA CHRONICLES in which we meet Connor, third youngest of the Mara brothers. He and his twin, ex-rangers, and ex-cons through undeserved circumstances, are blackmailed into a bank robbery. Those who know Supernatural will recognize the inspiration for this installment.:-)

RWA National is in NYC this year. Two of my favorite things together!

What events shaped your 2014? What are you looking forward to in the new year?

6 thoughts on “Shiny Things 1/1/2015

  1. In 2014, I realized that I’d have to focus to write my first book, an idea so long with me. I started searching for a course by Writer’s Digest only to learn that it started in two days. I did fast soul-searching, and anted up the $600+ for the 3-month course. When I realized the day I pulled the trigger, I knew a dear, deceased friend had a hand in gently nudging me to take the course. Al Ouimet had passed away on that day in 2013, just a few days shy of his 80th birthday. Al had always encouraged me to continue writing, and wanted to see me published.

  2. Way to go, Shari! I’m sorry about your friend. It sounds like he’s still with you though. All any of us can wish for is to be remembered with love. Good luck with your writing! Happy New Year!

  3. I had a busy year, too, with my debut novel, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, being published just three months after my only daughter got married. It was a hectic time with edits, bridal showers, and flying to L.A. for the wedding, followed by a book launch.

    I want to get the sequel written in 2015, plus another picture book or two. Maybe even a novella. I can dream!

    P.S. That’s scary about the shingles. Glad you’re okay now.

  4. Karin, I second Beth–way to tough through it, and thanks for all the information. When I do my physical in January, I’ll ask my doctor if she can write me a ‘script to get the vaccination.

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