My newest book baby is born today!

I suppose you’re wondering what exciting, glamorous events I have planned for release day? A party at a fancy restaurant with my friends and family, followed by a book signing? Lounging around savoring the accomplishment of having my fifth book published? Spending my day kneeling in prayer that when reviews are posted they’re good?

Not so much.

Actually, I was kneeling a moment ago, but only because I was getting clothes out of the dryer.

I have a full day planned of helping my son with his homework, taking him to school (I already carted my daughter off to middle school), applying for reviews from review sites, and maybe working on my next Chimera book, which is about four scenes from “the end.” Afterward, there will be much dragging of children to Tae Kwon Do and picking up children at Drama club, making dinner, and more! I know, not everyone can stand a life of such glamor (although, I’m sure many of you swan through your days in exactly this opulent manner), but I assure you I am up to the task.

The important thing is that Deyna and Ahran and their comrades will be born in someone’s imagination today. They will, (I hope) inspire smiles, and nail-biting and maybe, if I’m lucky, some happy tears.

My new YA Romantic Fantasy amazon link
My new YA Romantic Fantasy amazon link

That’s all I really hope for, that my characters will live for my readers, that you might be moved emotionally, and if you are, I hope you’ll let me know with a review or by mentioning HALFLING to a friend as a great read.

Happy Birthday to the characters of HALFLING and happy reading to you!