bJaTM5.qr.2So you like sexy shifters, and you’ve discovered my extremely affordable full-length Shifter series THE CHIMERA CHRONICLES (Or would like to. Hey, if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, they’re free. $2.99-3.99 regularly Well, I’ve got news! But I’m going to be coy because I need people to sign up for my shiny new newsletter. I promise only to send it out when I have news, a giveaway, or some super special extras. How do you sign up? Take out your shiny smart phone and use your qr reader (free to download at the app store) on the qr code at the top of this blog. The qr reader will take you to the form. Fill it out and off you go! If you don’t have a smart phone or want to be bothered with a qr reader, God willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ve also put a link on my facebook fan page.

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