What’s distracting me this week? 

The kids are off to school, so I sat down with my mug of cocoa, looked around my house and realized—I have to clean! (I know there are people who enjoy this. I am not one of them) I think the compulsion had to do with the fact that Chimera 7 (Draft title Out Like a Dragon) is both the last book in the series and wasn’t unfolding to my satisfaction.

I’m a pantser. I once attempted to outline a book, but the end result looked nothing like the outline, so I gave up.

I usually write on the treadmill, but I was having real trouble and the weather was nice. My deck is a great place to write, but in the evening it gets buggy! My family always complains because I can usually sit out and not get bit, but even I was forced in. I journeyed (from my kitchen table) to amazon and bought a $8 mosquito net. The third photo is the view from inside.

I also realized I’d never shared the pix from my trip to NYC for the RWA National Conference. So, the next photo is my new book and the statue (who now has an owner!) with my room view in NYC. While I was in NY, I took the chance to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s been one of my favorite places since I was a kid. (Thanks to the book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.  Frankweiler by Konigsburg. Two kids run away from home and live in the museum. It’s awesome!)

The painting is a Monet. The horses and knights are from the Arms and Armor exhibit. In The Dragon’s Flame (Chimera Chronicles 5) The knights come to life and fight for Ky and CJ. I had to use (ancient) memory and the internet to describe the area, so 😳 I got some things wrong. As a former librarian, I’m appalled, but nothing can be done until I have an opportunity to revise. I still love the scene though, so I hope you’ll check it out!

Here’s a snippet***

Summoning a protection spell to shield herself, she stepped out from behind the riders. Unlike the spontaneous and unfamiliar spell that had failed on the cameras, she immediately felt the powerful wards snap into place. Fury rode her so completely it wouldn’t surprise her if sparks flew from her fingertips. She was no longer weak from captivity and overuse of her powers. Ares would soon discover he’d seriously underestimated her capabilities.

Her defenses set, she waved an arm at the mounted knights beside her. Expugnatisque nobis huc intrasti veterum militum animos. Souls of ancient knights enter here and fight for us.

*** End snippet

The Dragon’s Flame Amazon page

Back to book 7. I  had a brainstorm yesterday and am doing some moving around and adding to the beginning, so the word count shrank and is now slowly increasing. But now that I know where I’m going… I hope to have the first draft in hand by the middle of September.

I hope wherever you are the weather is nice and the bugs aren’t biting!

Happy reading and writing!