Shiny Things week of February 8th

So what’s distracting me this week? 1. Conference! On Tuesday, I preserved through Romance Writers of America’s perpetually overwhelmed servers to register for the National Conference which is in NYC this year! 2. Even though it’s like my twentieth year of going to the conference, I always meet new people, and learn something new (or […]

Shiny Things 1/1/2015

Shiny Things January 1st 2015 Things interesting me this week: The old year. New Year’s is always a time for reflection. Shortly after the start of 2014, I got the shingles. I still have some neuropathy (pain in the nerves) from that, so I suggest everyone get the shingles shot. They’ll tell you it’s uncommon […]

Shiny Things week of July 20th

Shiny things week of July 20 The things that consume me this week. 1. Teen Wolf. I love this show. The characters are great (and oh, so pretty). The conflicts are engrossing and episodes are full of moments of awesome. Thank God for summer seasons! 2. San Antonio. I’m heading to Texas to attend the […]

Hello Atlanta!

In a few short days, I will (hopefully) have wrapped up my chapter’s contest, finished packing my son for Taekwondo camp, made sure my daughter has what she needs for her big dance performance months in the making, and be winging my way (metaphorically as I must use a plane, unlike my characters*g*) to Atlanta […]

And then there’s (RWA) reality…

Here I am at RWA national and I just pitched.  I have to confess, I was quite nervous before I pitched, despite my own advice from my earlier post*g*.  But thanks to Angie Fox at the fabulous FF&P party (where Nebula winner Catherine Asaro sang!)  I had finally boiled down the pitch to two sentences and […]