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Shiny Things April 8th – 14th

Shiny Things April 8th – 14th The things, good and bad, distracting me this week are:

Shiny Things June 28, 2016

A look at the things distracting me this week. My books arrived in the mail! It’s lovely to hold your physical book in your hands. The thrill never goes away! I’m busy as a beaver working on getting Lion’s Prey ready for its August release. I hope the extra weeks I took will translate into a […]

Hot former navy SEAl shifter hero for .99 cents!

To celebrate my new release, a YA Romantic Fantasy HALFLING, ENTITY MINE is on sale for .99 cents until 4/7! Never fall in love with a man in a photo. Especially, if he’s dead . . . Balanced on the knife-edge edge of going feral, chimera Ethan Wade has no idea what he is. All […]

Try to remember

Christmas isn’t like it used to be, for one, both my kids have birthdays on either side of the holiday. I’m responsible for all the trials and tribulations of buying presents and everything associated with spending the holiday at my parents’ house in NYS. (Including the worry of travelling through Erie and Buffalo on the […]

Am I weird? Part four

Here’s the fourth way in which I may be weird–or not. I don’t want to look like any of the “Real” housewives. I think I’d rather grow old gracefully than look like one of these women. There’s something hard and fake about their looks, like they all came from the same mold. Is this: You […]

How weird am I? Part 3

Weirdness number three I detest candy corn except in the days immediately around Halloween. Is that: way weird! If you hate something at one time, you should always hate it! Moderately off: I go either way on that. Or: you got the right idea! There are all kinds of things I only like at certain […]