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Stop by and find out a little more about me at–blood-and-kisses-by-karin-shah Weigh in in my cover and if you’ve read BLOOD AND KISSES join the discussion. And if you like vampire Romance, why haven’t you read it? BLOOD AND KISSES Is a full-length novel filled with sparring witches, ancient vampires, pain-in-the-asss familiars, love and danger for only $2.99! Starbucks costs more!

Homemade trailers love ’em or hate ’em?

What do you think, are pro trailers better than homemade trailers?
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And if you’ve read BLOOD AND KISSES stop by and join in the discussion starting tomorrow August first!

Meet Thalia

I’m deep in the throes of writing book 2 in Chimera Series, but the series is a spin-off from BLOOD AND KISSES, so today I thought I’d go back in time and re-introduce Thalia Kent, the heroine of BLOOD AND KISSES.
Thalia is the local witches’ champion, meaning if there’s anything rotten, magically-speaking, in her town, it’s her job to get it smelling like a rose. Possession, curses, spells run-amuck, call Thalia. But Thala has a bit of a confidence problem, see she inherited the title, along with her raspberry birthmark in the shape of a crescent moon, from her late mother and Thalia has always considered herself one of the weaker witches of her line.
Thalia has been in training to be the champion her whole life, but witches are long-lived and she never expected to take over for her mother, so soon. When a vampire kills her mortal cousin, Thalia has to bring him down, but the vampire and witch communities don’t exactly see eye to eye, so Thalia knows very little about vampires that isn’t from TV. She’s forced to cross species lines and ask Gideon Damek, the oldest vampire in Rochester for help.
I am doing a blog tour and that has entailed several interviews. One of the interviews asked me about my favorite character I’ve written. Of course, I love them all, but I have a soft spot for Thalia. Despite the fact that she doesn’t appear to have the magical chops to do her job, she doesn’t let that stop her. If she needs to work harder, use more of her innate magic, or reach out into forbidden territory, she will do it. I’ve got to love that. Which is why I couldn’t give her up and she and Gideon make appearances in the Chimera Series.
How about you? If there a character that won’t let you go? Please share!

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