Is this TMI? Shiny Things 1/13/2015

My daughter born the last time the bucks won the championship.
My daughter born the last time the bucks won the championship.

Shiny Things 1/13/2015

Things distracting me this week–

Congratulations, Ohio State Buckeyes on winning a true National Championship!

I’m not really a football fan, but the Buckeyes are special to me for more than just geographical reasons (I live in a suburb of Columbus).

The last time the Buckeyes won a National Championship was the 2002 season. I remember it very well, because I was in the hospital having my first child.

(Warning labor story) she wasn’t due until February 6th, so it was quite a surprise when my water broke on January 3rd! I’d just been to the doctor the day before and been told everything seemed fine for her original delivery date, for goodness sake! But at seven am it happened. Because it happened so early, I acted like a total moron. (Me: It can’t be my water! It’s too early! DH: Call the doctor. Me(the moron): but no one will be there yet!) I finally got my brain together, called and was told to come to the hospital, back then it was called the Ohio State Medical Center, or OSUMC.

Skipping ahead, I am not a hero and was soon drugged up and attached to so many devices I told my sister over the phone that I felt like a Borg. Twelve hours later, around ten, the serious work began, but no luck. Meanwhile, OSU was busy playing in the Tostidos Fiesta Bowl.

I swear to this day, my doctors dragged their feet getting the OR ready so they could finish watching the game. My proof? At one in the morning my daughter was delivered and as the OB handed her over he said (and we have this on DVD), “and by the way, OSU won.”

So when you say, O-H and my kids return I-O, they come by it honestly.

Anybody else have kids born on “special occasions?”

Other things–

(Warning excessive whining) I’ve been fighting a cold/sinus attack from Hell/migraine since Saturday, so my edits for my New YA Fantasy Romance are going very slowly. Part of me says, “come on, push through you wimp!” But the other professional writer part says, “you’ll start to skim and miss things.”

Have you seen that commercial where the guy opens the door and says, “I’m really sorry, I’m going to have to call in sick tomorrow and he’s talking to a baby in a crib?” I feel the same way about edits, unfortunately, NyQuil (or any number of drugs) hasn’t made any difference.

My tree is still up. Yes, it’s artificial. You don’t have to picture a pathetic stick, dropping needles all over my hardwood floor. We always keep our tree up until after my daughter’s birthday, but I’m pleading edits. I have a history, though of getting it down late. One year, it was still up when my Mom came to visit in February (she’s never let me forget it!) Still, as I get older I’m trying to do better.

What’s the latest you’ve had yours up?

Wish me luck!


Stop the World I want to Get Off!

So I woke up last Wednesday with the world spinning (and nor for a fun reason). Seems that several days earlier while enjoying the wave pool and the water coaster at Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati I got water in my ear and now have an ear infection (actually the dr says its not infected, I just have fluid behind my ear, but it’s easier just to say I have an infection)
AnyHoo, I can’t say enough how much I would rather have almost anything else than the world spinning. It boggles my mind that as a child I loved the spinning rides best. I once rode this ride at Seabreeze three times in a row where it spins so fast it smashes you against the wall of the ride as the bottom drops away and it tilts and lifts, making you horizontal(Boy, it would be easier if I remembered the name of this ride. If anyone knows it, please feel free to share).
Now, however, I get motion sick on a kid’s swing. But the vertigo is the worst. It’s not even possible to stand when it hits, so forget reading or any of the other things I do when I’m sick.Thank God for motion sickness medicine!
I’m hoping the antibiotic I’m on will stop the pain in my ears, but if I never have the vertigo again it would be too soon. Anyone else experienced this? What do you think? Worse to have vertigo, migraine, stomach bug? Which is the worst? All aches and pains are welcome(though I certainly hope, you’re healthy right now*g*)!