Shiny Things April 8th – 14th

Shiny Things April 8th – 14th The things, good and bad, distracting me this week are: Advertisements

Shiny Things week of 12/10 — 12/16/2017

Shiny Things week of Dec 10-16, 2017   I haven’t been regular on my blog for quite a while, so I’m hoping to change that. What’s distracting me this week. Netflix: I’ve been getting notifications about all the cool and awesome shows coming this month and I haven’t even watched the second season of Stranger […]

Let’s reminisce! Childhood movies that stuck with us.

Last night I found a movie on Netflix that I had watched as a child. It wasn’t what you would call a classic or particularly great, though it was fun, but it had stuck with me all these years, so I watched it again. The movie is called Time Rider. It stars Fred Ward as […]