Is this TMI? Shiny Things 1/13/2015

Shiny Things 1/13/2015 Things distracting me this week– Congratulations, Ohio State Buckeyes on winning a true National Championship! I’m not really a football fan, but the Buckeyes are special to me for more than just geographical reasons (I live in a suburb of Columbus). The last time the Buckeyes won a National Championship was the […]

10 Reasons I enjoy Destination Truth

10. Learn about other cultures and and far-away places 9. They sometimes actually document something unexplained. 8. Playful cast 7. Exotic food,meaten with the proper face-making. Pickled Egg with baby chick in it, anyone? 6.Vicarious thrill seeking. They climb up waterfalls, rappel over cliffs and into caves, ride horses, etc. 5. Low budget horror flick […]