Shiny Things June 28, 2016


A look at the things distracting me this week.

My books arrived in the mail! It’s lovely to hold your physical book in your hands. The thrill never goes away!

I’m busy as a beaver working on getting Lion’s Prey ready for its August release. I hope the extra weeks I took will translate into a real keeper.

We romance readers are different from regular readers, we really do keep and re-read our old favorites. In fact, when I’m done with writing for the day, I’ve been reading some of my old category romances (and I mean old! One of them was from 1984!)

The book from 1984 is Ghost of a Chance by Jayne Ann Krentz. I have to say, the sexual tension holds up as does the central plot, but the hero is pretty high-handed and the heroine actually slapped the hero! Times have certainly changed.

I’ve also been watching So You Think You Can Dance. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the kids, but they’re amazing!

Life has been rather overwhelming recently, good and bad. On the good side: My husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this week.

Here’s a pic from our Hindu ceremony which was followed by a wardrobe change and a Christian ceremony.


Meanwhile my clothes washer died and my passport application I sent in six weeks ago was returned sans passport. I have to redo it and pay more money! Ugh! We were hoping to take a cruise this summer, but given the wait time for a passport…sigh.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have keepers? How old are they? Who are they by? Do they still stand the test of time?



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Better late than never? Contest Winners

Where were we? Oh, yes, the contest winners. Before I was swallowed up by the holiday season, and my children’s birthdays, which are inconveniently on either side of Christmas and require parties with enormous amounts of children, I was running a contest. The prize was to have your name or that of a family member of your choice in my next Chimera Chronicles book, number 3, draft title, THE LIONS SHARE. The winner from author page likes was–Susan Berger. Susan, please instant message me on Facebook. Somehow, the comments here on my blog were closed, my apologies to those who attempted to comment and couldn’t. I will be running this contest again, and will make sure those comments are open. THE LION’S SHARE takes place during a bank robbery and I have lots of characters to name.:-) The winner from my regular facebook page was Jamie Fugate. Please message me, Jamie.

and coming tomorrow a new snippet from my draft of ENTITY MINE (CHIMERA CHRONICLES #2) due out in Feb/Mar 2014.

Draft blurb: Never fall in love with a man in a photo, especially when he’s dead…


Former Navy SEAL turned maritime treasure hunter Ethan Wade has had a piss-poor year. After nearly choking out his financial backer costs him his livelihood, he retreats to an isolated rental house in Western, NY to lick his wounds and make sure he can’t hurt anyone else. When his old crew track him down to convince him to come back, a Molotov cocktail of rage and alcohol drives him drives him to do something he’s never done before, and doesn’t even know he can do–
Unfortunately, in his ignorance, rather than shift into a lion or a dragon, he ends up disembodied. Not knowing what he is, he can only come to one conclusion. He’s died and is a ghost.
Lawyer Devon Daughtry’s year hasn’t been one for the record books either. Blowing the whistle lost her her boyfriend, (not too much of a loss), her job, (a bit worse) and with the rents in Manhattan, a primo apartment (the straw that broke the camel’s back).
Now she’s home in Cassadaga determined to re-build her life by hanging out her shingle as a psychic medium.
When she discovers a photograph of Ethan while moving in, she’s immediately drawn to him and is crushed to discover he’s missing and presumed dead. Soon, she begins having passionate dreams about him. Dreams that Ethan shares.
But Ethan isn’t the only being in the house, a demonic presence has followed her home and it has diabolical plans for both of them.



Goodbye My Friends : the characters I’ll miss in 2014

As the year ends, I’ve been thinking about beloved shows that ended this year, taking with them characters I’ve come to love.
Some I had only just met and actually were cancelled a few years ago, but I met them this year on Netflix and will miss them in 2014 just the same.
1. Michael Weston: the bogeyman for many a Russian spy on Burn Notice, Mrs. Weston, Sam Axe, Fiona, and Jesse go with him. He always had a plan and pulled his friends from the fire (he’d probably threw them into) every time. I will never think of Miami again without thinking of him. Jeffery Donovan made him real for me.
2. Nate, Sophie, Parker, Eliot, and Hardison, the mastermind, grifter, thief, retrieval specialist, and hacker from Leverage. I discovered this show on Netflix and have been holding off on watching the last two episodes for a month because I don’t want it to be over.
3. Chuck, Casey, Morgan, Sarah, Ellie and Devon(Awesome) of Chuck. Funny, sweet, and full of action, this is another Netlfix find I wish I could go back and watch again for the first time.
4. Ethan Mara and Devon Daughtery, you haven’t met them yet. They’re the hero and heroine of my latest novel, ENTITY MINE, due out Feb/Mar 2014. I had great fun with my shape shifting hero who got stuck in between forms and believed he was a ghost and the lawyer turned medium who fell for him.

What about you? What great characters did you meet in 2013?
Who will you miss?

And now the Bank

Below is a rough blueprint (or pink print. All I could find last night at midnight was my daughter’s construction paper) It shows what I imagine is the main part of the bank visible to customers. in my mind there is a back area with a boardroom for meetings, a closet for janitorial supplies and a basement with utilities. This was intended for my use only, so  the handwriting is terrible and it’s not to scale. 🙂

Help! I need a new tagline!

We interrupt my adventures at RWA to tackle a task that has been occupying my mind for some time. My tagline. These days anything more than a two line signature is annoying, so I have been going with my website address and a tagline. But my old tagline, Worlds to Dream In is a bit vague and not as evocative as I would like, so I have been using, Love in The Time of Chimeras, because I love to take movie titles and spin them. Unfortunately, I think this tagline gives the impression that my books are Historicals, which at this time, they are not. Therefore, I’m digging deep into the reading/writing ether and soliciting suggestions from all my clever internet amigos.
Here’s what my tagline needs to do. It has to be evocative, hint at what I write (shifters, vampires, spaceship captains, but not necessarily all of those) and intrigue readers enough to prompt them to look me up. That’s not much to ask is it?

Any and all suggestions considered. (But please, you, keep it clean. You know who you are.*g*)