Am I weird? Part 5

Lali  vizsla watching ANTM with the family
Lali vizsla watching ANTM with the family

How Weird Am I? part 5

I let my eleven year-old daughter watch America’s Next Top Model as an educational experience.

Let me ‘splain. The young models say and do things which I would hope my daughter never does. They make ignorant comments and they trash their fellow contestants.

One of the latest contestants claimed to be a witch, but made comments about doing spells to get rid of contestants, etc. I don’t have an extensive knowledge of witchcraft, but I know about the three-fold law (and pretty much every culture has some version of this) whatever you put out comes back to you three-fold. I pointed this out to my daughter. Sure enough, a few episodes later, this person got himself ejected from the show because of being violent with another contestant.

I’m also trying very hard to make my daughter understand that in life we are only competing against ourselves. Concentrating on what others are doing takes the focus off what we need to do to succeed ourselves. This shows up over and over again on ANTM.

So what do you think? Am I weird? You’ve gone off the deep-end, Karin! ANTM is just fluff!

Sort of odd: Ok, I can see your point, but I wouldn’t let my daughter watch it.

Or am I: Spot on. Shows like these offer a chance to discuss character-building with our kids!

Let me have it! Or feel free to share how you are weird (or not).



Am I weird? Part four

My late basenji, Banner. He says, you're not weird, Mom!
My late basenji, Banner. He says, you’re not weird, Mom!

Here’s the fourth way in which I may be weird–or not.

I don’t want to look like any of the “Real” housewives.

I think I’d rather grow old gracefully than look like one of these women. There’s something hard and fake about their looks, like they all came from the same mold.

Is this: You are crazy, Karin! They are (not) ageing with style!

Moderately weird: I can see your point, but I’d rather look like them than most women that age.

Or: You hit the nail on the head! They all look like they came from the same Barbie factory. My crows feet give character!

Ok! Let me have it! Am I weird or what?


How weird am I? Part 3

Yummy at Halloween! Disgusting at any other time!
Yummy at Halloween! Disgusting at any other time!

Weirdness number three I detest candy corn except in the days immediately around Halloween.

Is that: way weird! If you hate something at one time, you should always hate it!

Moderately off: I go either way on that.

Or: you got the right idea! There are all kinds of things I only like at certain times of the year!

What do you think? Weird or what?