Shiny Things 3/18/18-3/25/18

What’s distracting me this week?

The olympics were fun and in about a week and a half, it’s time for the World Figureskating championships! I hope I’ll be able to catch some of it, despite the Easter festivities. If you’re a fan, too, here’s the broadcast schedule link World championships

Figure Skating - Winter Olympics Day 8

I hope Nathan Chen has a strong performance!

On a more personal note, my poor baby basenji (ok, he’s five) has an autoimmune disease and has been sick, but after much tinkering with his meds and food, he’s now gained back three pounds!


Here’s Ranger on the bottom with my vizsla, Lali. Unfortunately, you can also see the seal on my double pane windows are shot, but oh, well.😜

In other news, I dyed my whole bathroom blue. Actually, I dyed my hair blue, but apparently I can’t be trusted with hair dye.03D34AE5-4B2E-46EC-B331-AB09EB361D24

Not the greatest picture of me, but you can sort of see the blue (and not just where I stained my hairline).

Ok, — writing. I’ve been writing a ton since the new year. I semi-finished a m/m novella (I need beta readers!) You may wonder why all of a sudden I’ve diverged from heterosexual PNR. (Or maybe you didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway) I got big into Yaoi manga like this C856669D-D0D7-458C-B9D1-6916E3DD3AA9

And The Dragon’s Flame (now out in paperback!) trickled out of my brain at a glacial pace, so I wanted to just write for fun to get back to my old pace.

I’m planning on self-publishing the m/m and I need beta readers, so drop me an email if you’re interested. (

blurb: College Freshman Seiichi Seigo is at the end of his rope. Suddenly orphaned, he’s grieving and one paycheck away from homelessness. When his best friend sprains his ankle, he begs Seiichi to take over as a personal assistant for his older brother, 26 year-old prodigy director Kei Karasawa. Things seem to be looking up. Seiichi has room and board and an interesting job that allows him to stay in school. There’s only one problem. The sexy, magnetic Kei, who seems to hate him, arouses feelings Seiichi never felt for his high school girlfriends or for anyone for that matter.
Can he stop himself from falling for his new boss?

As for The Chimera Chronicles book 6, I solemnly swear I am up to no…I mean, I’ve got a little written and I will turn all my attention back to it once I get my short projects completed. Look for a sort of Beauty and the Beast theme. (But with secret underground fight rings and circuses)

How’s your week shaping up? Gonna dye your hair a weird color? How are your animals? Planning to watch the world championships? Easter preparations? I’d love to hear!

All the best!



Shiny things Oct. 17th

Lali  vizsla
Lali vizsla

Usually, I write on the treadmill, but I’m having some asthma problems today, so Lali is keeping my lap warm as I write.

Since, I ‘m not feeling well, I’ve been enjoying the new fall season, especially on the CW, Supernatural, Arrow, and the new Tomorrow People (anybody remember the two others? I adored the original as a kid) are keeping me distracted.

ENTITY MINE (THE CHIMERA CHRONICLES #2) is due out in FEB/MAR 2014 It’s the story of Ethan the second youngest Chimera brother. Not knowing he is a shapeshifter, he becomes disembodied and believes he’s a ghost. More on the release later.

I’m hard at work on Chimera 3 tentatively titledTHE LION’S SHARE Connor, the third youngest (or is he?) is the hero. He and his twin Tyler get caught up in a Bank Robbery. I’m having an awesome time virtually visiting Leavenworth, KS where the book is set and choosing real locations to rename and re-imagine for the events.

Halloween is coming. I’ve picked out my costume, I’m a Greek lady. How about you? Planning to dress up? Got a costume party to attend? I’d love to hear!


Shiny things week of Jan 14th

1. A fabulous review from Night Owl Reviews! Please be a pal and check it out, like, tweet and/or share!:-)

2. DH completed his first marathon! I am super impressed!

3. I’m a Ghost Adventures fan, though I watch from the skeptics pov. I really like Zak Aaron, and Nick, and find them hilarious. This past episode at Wyomining Frontier Prison was laugh out loud, as they have a little “stake-out” while waiting to speak to a home owner, and apparently a bunch of men sitting around in a mobile home eating snacks get a uh, gassy.*g*

4. Our basenji puppy is hopefully going to be born in a week or so. We’re hoping for a brindle male. I would love to get a dog from the humane society, but with out allergies, it’s not possible.:-( Our vizsla really needs a friend. she’s not eating very well. Oh, she’s eating treats, just not her regular food.