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My new YA Romantic Fantasy amazon link
My new YA Romantic Fantasy amazon link

Update: Halfling is now on pre-order and digital Advanced Reader Copies (PDF) are available to readers who are willing to post reviews!

blurb: The crippled reject of a scorned people, seventeen-year-old Valayan wanderer Deyna has never eaten, owned, or used anything she didn’t scrounge or steal. She’s used to life at rock bottom, but when her father sells her to be the annual Sacrifice to their enemies, the winged darklings, she discovers a new low.

Marked for death at the hands of the darkling king, only the discovery that she’s half darkling saves her life.

As a servant in the darkling palace, Deyna thinks she’s landed on her feet. She has fresh, clean food, a real bed, and people, like young Lord Ahran, the handsome captain of the king’s guard, who might actually care if she lives or dies. But all is not well in the darkling lands.

The mysterious Jackal-Wolf is stealing grain shipments and raiding armories. A civil war is brewing, the gods have plans for her, and Ahran may not be exactly what he seems. Will the girl who’s spent her whole life running take a stand—even at the cost of her own life?

contact me at Karin @ shahs. Com (no spaces) if you are interested in reading to review!


Shadow Prince: below is still looking for a home.


I’ve recently returned to my first love — YA. As a former School Librarian, when I first began writing, I wanted to start with juvenile fiction, but a quick glance at the market at the time scared me away, so the YA ideas buzzing in my head were shelved, if you’ll excuse the pun.

But in 2009 a YA character wouldn’t let me go.

His name is Malekai. He was born to be the next bad thing. Prophesied to usurp the rightful king when he grows up, people view him as we would have viewed the young Hitler if we had known what he was to become.

But prophecies are only words and despite being raised by a general with his own agenda, fourteen year-old Mal has hopes and dreams that don’t include murder and tyranny — having friends and not being the target of assassins, for example.

When he accidentally yanks two high school freshman from our world, he must find a way to return them and complete a dangerous quest for the general, all while fighting bandits, dragons, and ignoring a cantankerous old ghost with some weird ideas.

It’s hard to be a hero, when everyone — maybe even you — thinks you’re a villain…

The Shadow Prince, a @60,000 word YA Fantasy, is available for view by agents or editors upon request.

Though the manuscript is nearing it’s final revision, I have decided to offer readers a glimpse into Mal’s mind rather than an excerpt. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting Mal’s journal. The journal is not in the manuscript, but is an online extra. The manuscript itself is in third person.

Mal’s Journal

Dying turn, day 5

Only fifteen more days until Standstill! I guess it’s a sign of my destiny that I like the Dying turn. The harvest campaign is over and Aturon must pull back his troops, or they’ll starve in the fields. That means Zhan must return to the Castle.

He always brings me a pile of books. They get me through Dead turn, when he leaves for his lands before Standstill.

I can hole up in my chambers and read about Dastager’s adventures in the Immortal Forest, while the landless soldiers drink the holiday away.

Before Zhan started bringing the books, I hated Standstill. Now, it’s as if long-lost friends are coming home. I can hardly wait!

Dying turn, Day 10

Zhan is back! But he forgot the books.

I didn’t let anyone see how disappointed I was. No sense giving them a lever to use against me.

At least Aturon will be busy during Standstill, if I’m very careful, he might not see me for days. If only there were some way to avoid the soldiers, but the hiding places in my chamber don’t hold much food.

Dying turn, day 12

The recruits went home today. Tyrohn and his group sang as they walked toward town. The trees are bare and everything is covered with ice, so the song carried long after they were out of sight. It was a lonely sound.  Dead turn will be long without the books.

3 thoughts on “Young Adult

    1. Thanks, Jamie! Actually, I wanted to write Middle-grade and YA first, but the market seemed too tight. The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley is my favorite book. As for my YA, poor Mal has been languishing for a while since his book needs revision and I’ve been up to my ears in adult projects. I visited your blog. A Fart in Time sounds hilarious. As a former librarian, I had students who would have eaten it up! I was also impressed you managed to get reviews from Kirkus. 🙂

      If you ever feel like Beta Reading a YA let me know. And I’m happy to Beta Read, as well.

      Your bloodhound looks so sweet!


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