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Blood and Kisses

Blood and Kisses

I have ventured away from deep space with this one. I can’t help it. I write what I love and I was loving vampires when I wrote this book. Still do, though I’m currently writing about shape shifters.:-)

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It isn’t easy being the Witches’ Champion, especially when it’s a hereditary position and you’re hardly the most powerful witch of your line. Thalia Kent has managed to cope so far with wit and nerve and every ounce of magical ability she possesses, but now her cousin, who wasn’t a witch, is dead — murdered by a rogue vampire — and if she’s going to hunt him down and survive, she’s going to need all the help she can get. She needs Gideon Damek, immortal vampire, but vampires shun witches for good reason, witch blood is poisonous.

Gideon Damek has fought his predatory nature for thousands of years and the last thing he wants is to team up with anyone, least of all a beautiful young witch. Still, something about Thalia compels him to agree.

Soon, Thalia must deal with a reluctant partner, a rebellious witch community, interfering police, a healthy dose of self-doubt, a raging passion for the forbidden Mr. Damek and an enemy who’s following an ancient prophecy that requires both their deaths, all without losing her neck, or her heart.

Behind the scenes:

Gideon Damek is my hero. He’s an extremely ancient vampire and in his time, he’s done some things he can’t forgive himself for.

My heroine Thalia is dealing with the loss of her mother and a cousin as close as a sister, all while doing a job she believes is over her head.

Neither believe they are worthy of love.

Thalia has pushed people away all her life because she thinks her guardian’s mark, a crescent shaped birthmark that takes up most of her cheek, makes her ugly. Gideon has done the same because he thinks he’s too dangerous to be around.

They must work together to stop a rogue vampire who is killing mortals and witches alike. But falling for each other could be the last thing they ever do–witch blood is poisonous to vampires…

I originally went with the whole vampires don’t have a reflection idea and the first scene took place at the bar Gideon owns, not so originally named on my part, The Tomb. It’s a bar they share with the witches, but they don’t mingle, so each group has one side of the bar. The witches call it, The Bell, Book and Candle, I know, no originality points for me on that one either*g*.

The original first scene had Thalia looking into the long mirror behind the bar and seeing only some of the occupants, but I decided (because I love science, hence my Sci-Fi Romance STARJACKED) that if vampires were visible to the naked eye, they had to reflect light like everybody else and had to be visible in mirrors. (Apologies to those who prefer their vamps invisible in mirrors. I think there’s room for us all)

It’s just as well the scene changed locations, because it relied on what was mostly a gimmick and I think the new first chapter has more of a sense of the real uncertainty and danger of two opposing sides meeting to discuss a mutual goal.


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