Hi, I’m Karin Shah and I’m new to weekend writing warriors!

I love anime, manga, dogs, and of course, reading! I write Paranormal Romance.

I’m currently working on the final book in my Chimera Chronicles series. Bk 7, it’s more fun to read from the beginning, but readers should be able to jump in anywhere!

Bk1-6 are out now.😀

Eight sentence snippet***

Caleb needs to find his mate before he goes feral—whoops too late. A captive of a group using him for assassinations, his only hope is the serum they use to keep him human for short periods of time. Council enforcer Mika wants to track down the mysterious hitman she thinks she’s identified when she’s pulled into the search for a Chimera’s missing brother. This is their first meeting…

Surprise knocked the air from her lungs. She froze. He ducked close to her ear. His face buried in her hair. She could feel the buzz of sound through the bones behind her ear. His jaw moved, forming syllables. 

Unable to resist, she skated the surface of his mind. He was singing, sort of. Ya da, da, da, da, da, Da, Da, Da. 

He swung her into the moves of a dance, sticking her right hand out in front of them and gliding them across the floor, she had to go along, or be dragged.  Ya da, da, da, da, da, Da, Da, Da. Ya da, da, da, da, da, Da, Da, Da. Ya da, da, da, da, da, Da, Da, Da… 

Rage surged through her. Her attacks had had so little effect, he thought of it as a dance. A tango. ***


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